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Trampolines tend to have a pretty hard life. Think about it…they’re usually left outside in the extreme Australian weather, without any cover or protection and when they’re not sitting in a storm or in ridiculous baking heat, they’ve got kids jumping all over them! (ok, that IS what they’re made for but you know what I mean).

However, with a bit of tender loving care and occasional maintenance, your trampoline will return the love, providing years of joy for your family. Here’s a few tips and things to look out for, in looking after your investment:

  • Inspect the trampoline before each use and replace any worn, defective, or missing parts.
  • The following conditions could represent potential hazards:
    • Missing, improperly positioned, or insecurely attached frame padding, net or enclosure support
      system padding and pole caps.
    • Punctures, frays, tears, or holes worn in the bed, frame padding, barrier or support system
    • Deterioration in the stitching or fabric of the bed, frame padding, barrier or support system
    • Broken or stretched springs.
    • A bent or broken frame or support system.
    • A sagging bed or barrier.
    • Sharp protrusions on the frame, padding or suspension system.
    • Damaged or degraded padding.
  • The product must not be used until properly and fully installed and checked. Galvanised steel products
    may require occasional maintenance. If surface rust appears it should be removed with either a wire
    brush or coarse sandpaper, and the area treated with non-toxic paint.
  • Foreign objects including wakeboards, snowboards, skateboards, bicycles or any other items are not to
    be used with the trampoline. (Note: use of any foreign object on the trampoline will void all product warranty)
  • Do not attach anything to the net that is not a manufacturer-approved accessory or part of the
    enclosure system.
  • Do not hang from, kick, cut or climb on the enclosure net.
  • To avoid damage to the trampoline, do not allow pets or other animals onto the trampoline.

Any large trampoline, with or without an enclosure, can be blown around in high winds and cause injury
or damage. We recommend that the enclosure be dismantled and removed under these conditions and
stored in a dry place. In extreme cases, trampolines can be blown over or even become airborne. If aware of
pending abnormal weather conditions, such as severe and gusty winds, or extreme storms, we advise
dis-assembling the trampoline and enclosure and storing in a dry place. If you see fit,
you may wish to anchor your trampoline as an added prevention against sudden high wind

For normal weather conditions, “normal weather Anchoring kits” are also available for Action
Trampolines. For more information please call 1800 46 50 70.

If you notice any hazards, you can always get replacement parts from Action Sports’ Australian-based National Service Centre. Call us on 1800 46 50 70 or contact us here.